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Branch Elementary Family Photo Day Info

Here is what to expect for our free family portrait day for Mary Branch Elementary Families!

We will open for portraits at 1pm and will let in families til 3pm. Each family will line up for their turn for pictures and a register code will be available for you to scan and fill out while waiting your turn.

Each group will get an average of 4 minutes in front of the camera.

We will have a plain black background set up with studio lighting.

The book Fair will also be set up in this time so you can shop before or after your photos!

Below are some tips and reminders:

Image by Moses Janga

What to Wear!

You are welcome to wear what you would like, however solid colors tend to photograph better than busy patterns or small striped patterns, so try to stay away from those.

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Arrive Ready

Please arrive ready to go and have everyone together by the time you are registered and in the front of the line. We don't want to hold up others waiting cause disorder to our workflow. So have hair, makeup, and shoes ready to go (the shoes one is mostly for the kids).

hammer fam scs-4.JPG

We Speak Kiddo!

We are experts in taking kids photos. We promise we can communicate or get your kiddo to participate and you don't have to worry about it. This will be a no fussy adult zone! We want your photos to be great just as much as you and want it to be easy and fun as possible. (So please trust us)

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Classmates in the Library_edited.jpg

PTO Volunteers

This is a PTO event and we will have volunteers helping point people in the right direction and get you registered and ready! Please also remember that we are all volunteering our time and will take care of everyone as best as we can. So be kind to each other and kind to our volunteers!

iphone, laptop, and pen on a table_edite

Photo Delivery!

When your pictures are all edited and complete, they will be delivered via an online gallery to the email address you provide when registering at the event. You will be given a code for our free digital download. The site is also super easy to download from, and you also have the option to order more poses, custom cards with your photos, prints, etc.

We will try our best to have your photos done in 2 weeks or less from the event however there is only one photographer and one editor so it will be done as soon as humanly possible.

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